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  1. Coming back to this interview a year later and with a lot more experience, I found this expression in the dictionary which makes clear to me the construction of her phrase that I did not appreciate before.

    prendre la suite de
    [successeur] to succeed ⧫ to take over from

  2. After using the loop tool and listening about 200 times I can finely hear it. I have figured out part of the problem – as an American I see 1986 and it is a two part word, 19 and 86 and they are put together and said in succession as fast as you want. I expect the same in French so when I see 1986 I break it up into two parts the same way so I say and expect to hear “mil neuf cent” then “quatre-vingt-six”. I say it slow, but I expect to hear it fast from a native speaker. However she does not say it this way. It seems to me that she breaks it up into “mil neuf” and “cent quatre vingt six”. It reminds me of when you hear foreign phone numbers, if they don’t say it in the rhythm we are expecting as Americans – 3 numbers then 4 numbers, then we have no idea what they said even if it is just seven numbers.

  3. Interesting after coming back to it a few hours later I am starting to hear a little more of the last last line, now I am getting something that sounds like “cent q trauma” and something that sounds like a snake hissing at the very end.

  4. And I have no idea what she says for “quatre-vingt” – I hear the cent and the six, but what is between those is just a garbled mess to my ear at the moment.

  5. Correction, there is another word I cannot in this section thatI cannot hear currently – the “de” in “Merci de m’accueillir”.

  6. Section 2 : When she says “dans le pays de la noix” I do not hear the “le”. Even on the 25% slowed track, I can clearly hear the p of pays and a short gap between dans and pays, but no “l” sound between them to my ear. If it really is there I presume it must be at the end of “dans” because it would be much easier to make an “l” there than before the beginning of “pays”. I can hear everything else though, so at least getting better. Will keep trying.
    I can easily hear it on the third track, the Speak better track.

  7. Vous etes apicultrice – I hear “vous etes uhhh….picultrice”. Am I correct in hearing the french uhhhh and her eating the beginning A in apicultrice

    1. Hi Aaron, congratulations on your sharp ear. Yes, it is a bit unusual. Sounds almost like a hesitation. She perhaps had a bit of hesitation in her thoughts that came through in the sound.

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