French listening quiz – Taxi-Tandem Exercise 12

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6 thoughts on “French listening quiz – Taxi-Tandem Exercise 12”

  1. Hello Bobbie,
    Thank you for letting me know. I recorded a little video to help you hear the ‘vous.’ To see it, please take the quiz again and you will see the video when you click to get the answer. Or you can watch the video on youtube :
    Hope that helps!
    Best regards,

  2. I got the venir chercher but didn’t get the vous in between….I guessed either a or de in the middle thinking like come to search/find out but definitely didn’t hear the vous (just knew there was a word there in the middle) It wouldn’t have affected my understanding of the meaning though.

    1. Great Sharon! Only about 1 out of 10 people who tried got this one right. The previous quiz was harder, I think, as 1 out of 30 got it right. Some of these are very hard unless you already have hear the words spoken before. I am glad you got this one right.
      Best regards,

    1. Hello Samia,
      Thank you for the comment. In order to help you decode things like this, I need to develop a lesson that helps you become familiar with “pouvoir + infinitive.” Here is how it works in the French listener’s head: having just heard the ‘peut,’ the French listener is expecting an infinitive. So it had to be venir. Best regards,

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