Spoken French: “quoi” at the end of a sentence.

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Hello All,

In today’s clip, you have that famous “quoi” at the end of a sentence. Did you already know about that?

French Listening Comprehension - quoi at end of sentence
French Listening Comprehension – quoi at end of sentence

mettre quelqu’un dehors: literally, to put someone outside. Compare to the version on the ninth line, mettre quelqu’un à la porte (literally, ‘to put someone at the door’). These are ways of saying ‘to show someone the door’ or ‘to kick someone out.’

Advanced listening tips:

Fifth line: do you hear the lui in je lui ai dit? Listen a few times (5 times? 10 times?) and see if you can start to hear it. I made a video to help you hear it. Keep your eyes on the newsletter!

Seventh line (in bold): notice ça, ça. When you work with a transcription, you want one that is written for language learners. (The problem with a ‘normal’ transcription is that it won’t contain such detail. If you can, get a transcription where every word or part of a word, every hesitation, is visible in the transcription.)

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