Spoken French: hearing “shpah” and realizing it is “je ne sais pas”

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Hello All!
If a French person said shpah, would your ears hear…
– nothing?
– noise?
– je ne sais pas?

So that you hear je ne sais pas, please listen to today’s clip 8 or 10 times. (Yes, this is quick! Yes, your ears will get used to it. Are you listening for 20 minutes at time, 3 times per week?)

French Listening Comprehension - je ne sais pas
French Listening Comprehension – je ne sais pas

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Language-learning philosophy time:

I agree: hearing these words ‘in the wild’ – in a real conversation – is a little like going on a bird-watching trip with a group of real bird-watchers: you spend the day pointing your binoculars at this tree and that tree, seeing NOTHING! And you get depressed because your bird-watching buddies can count the stripes on the neck of a bird that, for you, looks like a tiny blob hundreds of yards away. And then you remember that you’ve pulled yourself through harder things. Maybe this is all about experience? Maybe it just takes time?

Your brain and your ears know how to do this. If you listen for the words you see on the page and you listen repeatedly to the same recordings, you will start to hear the words. More and more of the words will become clear. I promise.

And it’s fun, don’t you agree?
Best regards, David

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  1. Great little lesson. Sometimes I leave these open in a tab on my Mac so I can review them during the week. It makes a difference !!! Merci !!!

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