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So, you haven’t given up on being fluent? You don’t believe the idea that only people who move to France can become fluent? Great! Let’s work together to make fluency happen for you! I’ll give you access to the original interviews and to a growing list of resources and recordings to help you with the fine points of listening, pronunciation and grammar. I also do private lessons for those who want to go a little more quickly or who have a special need related to work or an upcoming trip.
One request: by signing up, you are agreeing not to share the recordings and PDFs with non-members. That is all I ask. Thanks! – David Tolman

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Member comments

I am absolutely in love with your transcripts. The idiomatic translations of French dialogues rendered by you, esp the footnotes are simply superb! I love languages. English is my third language and French fourth. And I know how difficult it is translating a language (esp spoken language) idiomatically.
So my heart felt thanks for putting up this beautiful course!

What I love best is coming to the office in the morning and practice your French until the first person shows up. There are three things I do everyday. Meditation, play my guitar, practice high speed Morse code and now I am adding listening to your practice exercises.

I have been listening to some of the exercises and I love it.

Hi David

I am using your materials much more that you know.  In addition to your website, I am listening an hour or so a day to the interviews I purchased and downloaded [from] several years ago.  So, in fact what I would like is more interviews on your website…. I like the interviews broken into small chunks….