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To help me know how you are progressing and whether you have any concerns or requests, could you send me a quick email each time you sign in? Just click on this link to send me an email.

(The paid membership is new and I don’t yet have a feel for how often people are connecting and using the site. That is why it would help me to have a quick note to tell me that you connected.)

Another thing: I hope you will download the MP3s and use them. My speech about that below the announcements.

My speech about MP3s: so you can play the interviews everywhere you go, I hope you’ll download the MP3s.


    • Download the MP3s to your cell phone so you can listen while walking around or just before going to sleep.
    • If your car radio has a USB port, download the MP3s to a USB key and play the recordings while driving.

Here’s why I think this will help you: I consider the exercises on this website as being only the first of two steps.:

  1. On this website, I give you a structured way to achieve a state where you are ready to listen to the interview without the transcript. After getting to that state…
  2. You need to behave like a “listening addict” who needs her or his “listening fix” every day: you need to have an easy way to listen and re-listen to the recordings.

I picture you becoming a fluent listener by working in the same way that I did back in 1994 and ’95: you work with a given recording for a month or two. When you get bored with it, move on to another recording. Then, after you get bored with that second recording, come back and re-listen to the first recording. It’s by listening and re-listening for every word that you will become a fluent listener.

So, to make all of this listening easy, I provide the MP3s. I can also send you a copy of the transcript with translation if that will help you! Just email me and let me know you need it.

Best regards,
David Tolman