Catherine Roux : conductrice de métro à Marseilles

Catherine Roux is a go-getter who lives in Marseilles. She started out driving buses and worked her way up to become a conductor in the Marseilles metro. Her positive attitude lights up this interview.

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Track 1

Track 2
Mme. Roux introduces herself and explains how she got started. Because of the need for more bus drivers during the World Cup, the Marseilles public transportation authority hired many new drivers. Note: for a listening and pronunciation lesson for this track, click here.

Track 3
So, she started with the bus. It is strange, at first, to transport so many people…

Track 4
The reporter says, “When you speak about driving the bus, you seem to be very happy…” Mme Roux answers that it is a fascinating job. She has had three different jobs for the Marseilles transportation authority. As a bus driver, you are on your own and have to take care of problems as they arrive.

Track 5
When you drive a métro train, you are underground, without natural light. Does that bother you? Mme. Roux tells how she handles the lack of sunlight. She also talks about other aspects of the job, such as the announcement she makes if youngsters hold the doors open.

Track 6
After two years of driving the metro, can you sum up your feelings about the job?

Track 7
I’ve heard that the train drives itself, automatically. What do you have to take care of? Could you read a book while driving?

Track 8
What would you say to a young lady who says she wants to drive a train? Mme. Roux answers, “Ah ben, qu’elle fonce!” (Well, that she should go for it!)

Track 9
Are people surprised when you tell them that you drive the métro? Mme. Roux says that people are surprised and even fascinated. When your doctor finds out that you drive for the metro, she or he will ask you all sorts of questions about your job, about how the metro works, etc.

Track 10
Would you like to continue doing this job for many years? Mme. Roux answers that she absolutely would. And she’ll be applying to drive a tram as soon as the transportation authority starts recruiting drivers for the new tram line!

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