All about the “apéritif” in France

If you already live in France or are planning a visit, this interview will be useful to you.

If ever you are invited to a French person’s home for a meal, you will have an apéritif before eating. In this interview, Martin Venzal ask Alexis, Marie, and Laurent about this important social custom. You’ll learn why it exists and how to serve yourself, how to know when the aperitif is over and you are about to move to the table for your meal….

The journalist who recorded these interviews for us is Martin Venzal. Martin is a journalist in Toulouse. He interviewed Alexis, Marie, and Laurent.

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Here’s why I think this will help you: I consider the exercises on this website as being only the first of two steps. On this website, I give you a structured way to achieve a state where you are ready to listen to the interview without the transcript. After getting to that state, you need to behave like a “listening addict” who needs her or his “listening fix” every day: you need to have an easy way to listen and re-listen to the recordings. I picture you working with a given recording for a month or two. When you get bored with it, move on to another recording. Then, after you get bored with that second recording, come back and re-listen to the first recording. It’s by listening and re-listening and using that rewind button frequently that you will become a fluent listener.

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Exercise 1 – Apéritif Track 2, part 1

Exercise 2 – Apéritif Track 2, part 2

Exercise 3 – Apéritif Track 3

Exercise 4 – Apéritif Track 4

Exercise 5 – Apéritif Track 5, part 1

Exercise 6 – Apéritif Track 5, part 2

Exercise 7 – Apéritif Track 5, part 3

Exercise 8 – Apéritif Track 6, part 1

Exercise 9 – Apéritif Track 6, part 2

Exercise 10 – Apéritif Track 7, part 1

Exercise 11 – Apéritif Track 7, part 2

Exercise 12 – Apéritif Track 8