4 thoughts on “March24 beekeeper test version 3”

  1. Hi David,
    Regarding the three beekeeper test versions:

    Version 1: Has a Tufte design, which is good. Easy to scan to the right-hand column glossary and back to the text.
    Version 2: Takes up more space on my screen. Harder to scan from the text to the glossary and back to the text for my eyes.
    Version 3: Will be OK or not depending on the pdf viewer that I’m using. I haven’t liked many pdf viewers though.

    So I would say Version 1 is my favorite.

    Somewhere on your site I thought I saw that “abeille” is derived from Latin, but having spent some time in southwest France, I also learned that the word more proximately comes from Occitan.

    Cheers and regards,

    1. Hello David, thank for the feedback on the 3 different versions. I’ll keep that in mind about abeille. Thank you for letting me know!

  2. Merci beaucoup. J’aime Format 3. I think the side-by-side version is good because I can read along in French and glance quickly to the right if there’s a word I don’t understand. As an aside, I didn’t know the word “ruches” meant “hive”. I am familiar with the word as a sewing term and I found it so interesting that a ruched fabric is a gathering of layers that looks very much like the layered structure of a bee hive. Now, I will always remember this word. Merci!

    1. Thank you for the feedback Laura. And now I learned something – about ruche being used as a sewing term 🙂

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