Booking a vacation rental in the country – Louer un gîte rural en France

In this interview, Véronique Lopez interviews Chantal and Michel. They are from Normandie, but they have rented a “gîte rural” in Provence. Listening to this interview will help you learn how vacation rentals work in France.

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Track 1
Introduction to the idea of a “gîte rural.” We learn that Véronique Lopez will be interviewing Chantal and Michel, who live in Rouen but who have come all of the way to Provence for their vacation.

Track 2
So, Chantal and Michel, tell us about your vacation. You’ve come to the village of Lambesc and you’ve rented a small house, right? Chantal responds by describing the house, the square footage, the kitchen…

Track 3
Tour of the living room and the bathroom with descriptions.

Track 4
Description of the bedrooms upstairs and mention of the fact that this home was recently renovated. Was it done with taste? Discussion of the website where Chantal and Michel found the rental.

Track 5
When you rent a home in France, what is included and what do you have to bring? For example, you would expect dishes and silverware in the kitchen, but what about sheets on the beds?

Track 6
This is a “gîte rural.” What does that mean for you? What are the activities nearby? We you looking for this type of experience instead of a rental in the city?

Track 7
And how are your relations with the owner? Have you met them? Spoke to them everyday? When you stay on a farm, can you purchase products produced onsite?

Track 8
Tomorrow you’ll be leaving. What are your responsabilites as far as cleaning up, paying, letting the owner know what time you are leaving?

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  • Slowed-down 25%
  • Pronunciation focus recordings

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