La Citroën 2CV : an interview with Alain Finet, 2CV collector

The last Citroën 2CV rolled off of the assembly lines in 1991, but fan clubs across the world keep the spirit alive. Alain Finet conveys his passion for the 2CV.

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Track 1

Track 2
Mister FINET, you have collected 2CVs since your childhood, because you were collecting toy versions at the time. How many 2CV do you have now? Would you show me your collection?

Track 3
How did your passion for 2CVs come about?

Track 4
For many of your generation, the 2CV was their first car. Can you tell us why?

Track 5
Of the three 2CVs you own now, which is the one you drive the most often? And what is special about this one?

Track 6
Is Anne-Sophie goading her interviewee? She asks him to agree that it was a car that came at the right time, soon after the war: not expensive but kind of ugly, kind of slow, with a funny noise? Mister Finet responds to these criticisms.

Track 7
Why did the French become so fond of the 2CV? Discussions of potholes and country roads full of ruts…

Track 8
The advantages of driving a low-tech car. You never have to call a tow truck.

Track 9
To finish up, can you let me hear your 2CV?

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  • Original
  • Slowed-down 25%

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