La Chèvre de Monsieur Seguin, as read by Fernandel

If you know a young artist who refuses a steady job because they want to live free, you can encourage them to follow their dream or tell them the story of Mister Seguin’s goat, who wanted to live free but got eaten by the wolf.

In 1866, Alphonse Daudet included the story ‘La Chèvre de Monsieur Seguin’ in his collection of stories from Provence, ‘Les Lettres de mon Moulin.’

This recording is the 1954 reading by the French radio and film star Fernandel. If you would like the CD, find the version re-issued by Frémeaux et Associés in 2006.

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Track 1
Mister Seguin never had luck with his goats: they always got tired of his place and ran off into the mountains. When he bought his seventh goat, he took special precautions to make sure that she would be happy at his place.

Track 2
After comparing her present situation to that of living free in the mountains, the new goat becomes depressed and admits to Mister Seguin that she longs to roam free. To save the goat from herself, Mister Seguin shuts her into the stable at night.

Track 3
The goat escapes and goes into the mountains. She passes a glorious day and finds happiness – and even love!- among the flowers and babbling brooks.

Track 4
The owls hoot. The night comes on. In the distance a strange silhouette with two pointed ears… the wolf sits, watching his prey. But the goat has strong horns and courage to spare!

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