5 thoughts on “La bataille de l’Atlantique track 8”

  1. There is an interesting “de” a few lines later,
    “la destruction de Lorient”
    I could not hear the “de” at regular speed, I thought maybe he blended it with the “n” at the end of “destruction”, but upon analysis there is a definite, separate “de” that he says. Furthermore, it is actually easier to hear the “de” when you loop it at higher speed, like 1.3 x or so which I found quite surprising!

  2. In the beginning, “aboutir, malheureusement, à de graves conséquences”
    I think the reporter forgets to say the “à” .

    1. Maybe he puts the à right after aboutir, so it is “aboutir à, malheureusement, de graves conséquences”. Hard to tell because he does also have a few voice tic “uh…” ‘s in there as well .

      1. Hi Sandeep, I just relistened. malheureusement, à de grave conséquences. I’ll look for time to do a video. I think this is one of those things that you will hear easily in another 6 months from now, but I am not certain. It is very clear to me, but perhaps because I have been listening to French for so long that my brain knows exactly what to listen for.

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