Judith Tiral: ¿Qué comen REALMENTE los MEXICANOS?

In this video, Judith Tiral, who is from Spain, discovers Mexican food. This video will make you want to go to Mexico. I hope you enjoy it!

Transcript and translation

(You’ll want to print this out.)
PDF: Transcript and translation for “¿Qué comen REALMENTE los MEXICANOS?” – 14 pages

Downloads of sound from the video

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Original sound from the video:

Slowed-down sound from the video
Qué-comen-REALMENTE-los-MEXICANOS slow MP3

Online listening with “loop” tool

Click the ‘loop’ button on the right to make the green bars appear. Bring the green bars together to hear loop just a few seconds of sound.
Original Sound from video:

Sound slowed-down 25% :