Hearing ‘qui était une petite statue’ in spoken French

Make sure you can hear all of the words; pay special attention to the ones in yellow.

  • quand il a vu : do you notice that the D in quand sounds like a T?
  • lui-même, lui aussi : these are common enough in spoken French that, yes, you want to recoginze the quickly-spoken version.
  • qui était une petite…: the most important ‘grouped sound pattern’ in this sample. This is the authentic sound pattern you’ll hear in France. Make sure you focus on this and listen enough times that you hear all of the sounds that are being made (even if, we agree, the speaker is not making all of the sounds you might expect.)
  • Il a été : you’ve probably never seen this in written French. Now you know that it exists and hopefully will recognize it the next time you hear it!

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