G-6-2-1 rendre visite à quelqu’un : remplacer à quelqu’un par le COI EN-FR

How would you say the following in French? (Use the expression rendre visite à quelqu’un)

Pope Francis paid her/him a visit.

Le pape François lui a rendu visite.

The singer paid them a visit.

La chanteuse leur a rendu visite.

The elected officials paid them a visit.

Les élus leur ont rendu visite.

François Hollande is said to have paid her/him a visit last 29th of March.

François Hollande lui aurait rendu visite le 29 mars dernier.

He walked 20 kilometers to pay her/him a visit.

Il a marché 20 kilomètres pour lui rendre visite.

I was paying her/him a visit.

Je lui rendais visite.

They are said to have paid them a visit.

Ils leur auraient rendu visite.

We will pay a visit to her/him this summer.

Nous lui rendrons visite cet été.

One thought on “G-6-2-1 rendre visite à quelqu’un : remplacer à quelqu’un par le COI EN-FR”

  1. Very good exercise, David. Thank you. I found it quite hard to retain the extraneous information such as dates, so I largely ignored that and focussed on the grammatical structure. With students I would probably want them to get the grammatical structure right first then listen again for the details.

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