Be ready for French expressions

Of the words you don’t catch during a conversation, at least half are words you already know but don’t recognize in spoken French. (You don’t know the “quickly-spoken version” well enough to recognize the word during a conversation.)

But what percentage are words you’ve never heard before or words you just weren’t expecting to hear?

To combat this problem of not expecting or not being ready for common expressions, please use these flashcard decks.

Flashcard deck: Be ready for la formation (training)

Flashcard deck: Be ready for afin de (in order to)

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Coming soon:

  • prestataire, prestation
  • au niveau de
  • en fonction de
  • parvenir à
  • se rendre compte
  • réussir à
  • n’importe quoi
  • peu importe
  • en+temps versus dans+temps
  • answer = répondre à, lui répondre…
  • how to say, ‘to expect somethning’  – attendre, s’attendre à, le résultat attendu…
  • consommer, consommation, for instance, here
  • calme – un enfant calme, un quartier calme…