French numbers

Recognizing French numbers

A big challenge for those of us living in France is to note down a telephone number quickly. I hope these flashcard decks will help you. Since 1 through 50 are a bit easier, these decks start at 60. The hardest deck is the last one: a native speaker spouting out telephone numbers. Good luck!
Note from Dave: send me an email if you need something else on this page. For example, I could work on some drills to help you recognize dates, but won’t do that until I have a few people confirm that it would helpful. To email me:

Recognizing French Numbers 60 to 70

Recognizing French Numbers 70 to 80

Recognizing French Numbers 80 to 90

Recognizing French Numbers 90 to 100

Recognizing French Numbers 60 to 100

French telephone numbers

French telephone number online flashcards

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  1. Hi! This is such a help. I am terrible with french numbers how about still adding those 0 to 49 numbers here… Thank you for your work!

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