French listening: faut-il manger la croûte ?

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Hello All,
Today you’ll hear this cheese expert — the one on the right — answer that eternal question, “Should you eat the rind of the cheese? Or should you cut it off?”

Play this sound 6 times – that should take 2 minutes. If there is a word you don’t hear, play the sound again until you hear it.
I hope you enjoy it!

French Listening Comprehension - faut-il manger la croûte
French Listening Comprehension – faut-il manger la croûte

2 thoughts on “French listening: faut-il manger la croûte ?”

  1. Hello David!!!
    I’ve been busy in school embarking on a new career, so I’ve not had as much time to développer mes connaissances de français, but I always enjoy listening to the materials you send to my inbox.
    I have a question on this one: I hear an “s” sound after “c’est vrai…” as if he is saying, “c’est vrai, c’est qu’ils supportent bien…” though this “s” sound isn’t mentioned in the transcript. Am I hearing correctly???
    Merci infiniment!

    1. Hi Christina,
      Great to hear from you! I think the pronounced S that you are hearing is the one at the beginning of supportent. If I were to write it out in English, I would say I am hearing “say vray keelssssupporte.” He draws out the S. If you want me to do a little video where I show the sound on the screen, I will be happy to do so. Just email me at to remind me.
      Thank you,

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