Free French Listening Comprehension practice

A collection of the French Listening Comprehension quizzes published in our email newsletter. If these are difficult, take our Free Listening Comprehension course.

Here is aFrench comprehension quiz that requires you to already know a common French expression. The good news: after you take the quiz, you’ll know it and have a better chance of ‘catching it’ when you get to France.

This French comprehension quiz below reminds you that some groups of words are so common that the native speakers will never pronounce every sound. For these really-common groups of words, the only way to decode the speech you hear is to be ready BEFORE you go to France. You need to already know the sound of the group of words. YuhNoWuddaMean? 🙂

This French listening comprehension quiz requires you to already be comfortable with a common French construction…

I think this one should not be TOO hard. Good luck!

I’m not sure if this French listening Comprehension quiz below will be difficult or not. I’ll be interested to see how you do!

A sound sequence to recognize. I’m expecting 100% from you on this one. Good luck!

This French listening comprehension quiz requires you to recognize two things:

  • a “spoken version” of a common word sequence and
  • a commonly-used word that you would recognize if you saw it on paper

In the French comprehension quiz below, I think you’ll agree that the speaker speaks very clearly; but I’m not sure if this will be easy or not.
It probably depends on your level of familiarity with the grammatical construction she is using. If you’ve heard this series of words before, it will be easy…

A very difficult French Comprehension quiz – this one tripped up a lot of people. Very few got the right answer. Read the comments for an explanation.

This listening comprehension quiz is super easy. You’ll get the right answer, HOWEVER…
some of you will learn something new about a word you already know. You are intrigued, right?