French Listening Comprehension assignment: Alain Finet talks about 2CVs – track 6

Hello French learners!
Welcome to this week’s listening-improvement assignment, in which you’ll hear Alain Finet defend the Citroën 2CV.

  1. First, read through the transcript/translation.
  2. Scroll back up to the “play button” to play the sound.
  3. Listen over and over until you hear 80% of the words you see in the transcript.
  4. Download the MP3 and put it into your phone or into your car, so you can listen again during the week. Normally, by the end of the week, you should be able to hear every word. (You’ll find that your ears ‘open up’ during the week.) If you don’t know how to download an MP3, just mark this page and come back here during the week.

To get the MP3, right-click on this MP3 link.

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