French listening comprehension course- Tanguy washes the car, parts 2A and 2B

I’m glad you are ready for a few more lines! – David

This quiz is “Tanguy washes the car, parts 2A and 2B”

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4 thoughts on “French listening comprehension course- Tanguy washes the car, parts 2A and 2B”

  1. Hello David,
    2 things:
    1) there is a transposition “la de” rather than “de la” in your grammar section: Je m’approche du bord la de falaise. (I am getting close to the edge of the cliff.)
    2) I was not hearing the “d” pronounced in “prends” in this section. I even couldn’t hear it when you were saying it slowly at the beginning. Can you clarify for me or was I just missing it?
    Thanks, ed

    1. Hello Ed,
      1) Good catch ! I just corrected the la de –> de la. Thank you for letting me know.
      2) Correct, that d is not pronounced. Good job on listening for that.
      Best regards, David

  2. Does anyone else hear “en tant q’en france”? I know it doesn’t make sense but this happens to me often when I hear French. The sounds are so similar.

    1. Hi Aaron,
      yes, I re-listened to that. Because of the ça right after enfant, the ear could hear the sound… enfance, which does sound similar to ‘en france.’ Keep working with the sounds, your ear will get better and better. Also, I don’t think that your question is about this but, just in case, I will confirm that, for a native speaker, there is no chance of confusion, because, for a native speaker, enfance and en france are just too different. I think that as you move forward, there will be less and less chance of confusion for you, too.

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