French listening comprehension course – Tanguy washes the car, parts 1A and 1B

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This quiz is “Tanguy washes the car, parts 1A and 1B”

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13 thoughts on “French listening comprehension course – Tanguy washes the car, parts 1A and 1B”

  1. I really love this technique! It makes me remember vocabularies really fast. I obviously enjoyed this lesson.
    Thank you David!

    1. Thank you for letting me know, Grace. I am glad you are enjoying the recordings.
      Best regards,
      David Tolman

  2. I love this lesson so much!! I’m able to listen to it and follow along even without transcription. This kind of technique makes the language attached to my brain really fast. I can still remember the conversation 80-ish percent.

  3. I have excellent hearing. I hear all the words but my brain does not connect with the sounds. If I did not have the translation, I would only understand about 50% of the words.

    1. Hello Irv,
      50% without looking at the transcript is already very good, but I understand that you want to get to 100% without the transcript and you want to do that on the first listen. In order to give you some advice on what to do next, I have a question for you: once you have he transcript in hand and try to match the sound to the transcript, can you catch everything? Can you listen and hear all of the words that you see in the transcript?
      Thank you,

  4. David
    For some reason—and maybe chalk it off to my declining hearing—I hear the female speaker say “a vey parents.” It seems like this is similar to the recent ‘controversy’ where when the word ‘laurel’ was piped over the Internet, some people heard ‘laurel’ and others heard ‘yanni.’
    I was among the group who heard ‘yanni,’ much to my dismay and to my long-suffering wife’s amazement and disbelief. I still hear ‘yanni.’
    What do you think? Any suggestions on how to fix this? (My hearing aids don’t fit well under my earphones.)
    Eric Berman

    1. Hi Eric,
      I also have declining hearing. (It can come in handy sometimes, ha ha!) To know exactly what we are talking about, I went back to the quiz and listened again. We are talking about “rendre service à vos parents,” right? Here is my answer: unless you continue to have similar problems, I would not worry about it this time. I definitely hear ‘vos parents’, but perhaps it is because my ears are simply more attuned to what vos sounds like. You might be expecting a slightly different sound for the O? I wouldn’t worry about it and just keep listening. In case you are on to something that I need to know about or understand, please let me know if you continue to hear sounds that are different from what you expected to hear.
      Thank you,

  5. I love this program! Thank you for offering it. By the way…”alternate” is spelled as “alteranate” (above).

    1. Hello Marie-Louise,
      Thank you for letting me know that you are enjoying the lessons. Thank you also for catching the spelling mistake.
      Best regards,

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