French listening comprehension course – Tanguy washes the car, part 1C

I’m glad you are ready for a few more lines! – David

This quiz is “Tanguy washes the car, part 1C”

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9 thoughts on “French listening comprehension course – Tanguy washes the car, part 1C”

  1. I’ve listened at least a hundred times now, in a tight loop, and slowed it down also – I still cannot hear any “la” in ” á la campagne” – I presume the argument will be that he makes a subtle “l” sound at the end of the à, but even if he does that (which I cannot here) it goes right into the c of campagne. Maybe this is just an instance of the French omitting some vowels when speaking fast.
    He does say the word la several times in the sentences before this, and even though some are fast I can hear those.

  2. Hello, David
    Please explain why in the phrase “neuf ans” the word neuf is pronounced with a “v” instead of an “f”sound. Is there a rule for the change in sound? Is it because it’s before a vowel? And can you offer other examples where ‘neuf” takes on a “v” sound? When counting, I think I always hear the “f” sound. Thanks for the clarification. I’m enjoying your course.

    1. Hello Julie, thank you for letting me know you are enjoying the site. To answer your question about the f being pronounced like a v in “neuf ans” and “neuf heures,” I searched the internet and asked my wife. She has the same answer as the French people writing in forums on the internet: “Je ne sais pas.” Sorry about that!
      Best regards, David

  3. bonjour David — Thanks for your time on providing tools for listening French.
    I live in France and listening is my weakness. I noted at one point on your site that I had an option to slow the speaking pace by 25%. Can I access this on all the tapes and if so, how do I do it? French people around where I live (Charente-Maritime) are older and do not speak so fast. So slowing the pace would help me a lot.

    1. Hi Sid, yes, there are slowed-down versions of all of the interviews. So, the top “play” button for each interview is original speed and the bottom button allows you to hear the same interview slowed down.

  4. This is a genius way to help others listen for comprehension. I just returned from 3 weeks in France when I spent the entire time with native speakers (friends of 52 years). Having been a student in Paris and Nice during September – June 67-68 I am trying very hard to get back my listening and speaking ability. This course is EXACTLY what I need. I will be spending a lot of time here with you. Thank you.

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