French listening quiz – Saint Jacques de Compostelle Exercise 20

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6 thoughts on “French listening quiz – Saint Jacques de Compostelle Exercise 20”

    1. Hi Neil,
      Many people missed the ‘les.’ I don’t have the percentages, but the number of correct answers was pretty low. I need to think of ways to help you expect the les so that you have a better chance of hearing it.
      Best regards,

  1. Bonjour, David
    I understood “ce qui ” plus the verb intéresser. However; not sure of the word in front of the verb I answered “ce qui s’intéresse”. By context I should have realised “ce qui les intéresse” was the right answer. In fact it very briefly crossed my mind, but escaped before I considered it as a valid answer. lol

    1. Hi Michael,
      glad you heard the Z sound (the S here sounds like a Z) right before intéresse. Thank you for letting me know what you heard and what was going through your mind as you tried to decode. That is very helpful as I think about new lessons that might be helpful.
      Best regards,

  2. I was surprised I was able to do this. The “les” was difficult to hear, but I knew it wasn’t “leur”.
    But I’m reminded in my studies, and with these quizzes, of how much the ears miss.

    1. Hi Jon,
      Glad you got the right answer! Congratulations. Thank you for letting me know which words are difficult.
      Best regards,

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