African Art’s influence on 20th century painting and sculpture

Interview of Dany Philippe-Devaux of the “Musée de Grenoble”

In this interview, Mme Philippe-Devaux talks about the first apparitions of African Art in Europe. The items were brought by colonists and adventurers and considered to be representative of the “beginnings of art” produced by “primitive” cultures. This view changed slowly as artists and collectors learned more about the art itself. Continue reading “African Art’s influence on 20th century painting and sculpture”

All about the “apéritif” in France

If you already live in France or are planning a visit, this interview will be useful to you.

If ever you are invited to a French person’s home for a meal, you will have an apéritif before eating. In this interview, Martin Venzal ask Alexis, Marie, and Laurent about this important social custom. You’ll learn why it exists and how to serve yourself, how to know when the aperitif is over and you are about to move to the table for your meal….

The journalist who recorded these interviews for us is Martin Venzal. Martin is a journalist in Toulouse. He interviewed Alexis, Marie, and Laurent.

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