Rémy est papa

Nathalie Faucher spoke with Rémy about the birth of his daughter. As his wife prepared to take care of the baby, Rémy took care of technical and administrative details, such as checking up on health care coverage and making sure his car was full of gas for the big trip (almost 1 kilometer!) to the hospital.

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La Caviste: Isabelle Gosselin talks about buying wine in France.

The French word une cave does not mean ‘a cave.’ Instead, it means, ‘a cellar.’ And une cave à vin is a wine cellar. And since a wine merchant manages a wine cellar, the French word for a wine merchant is un/une caviste.

In this interview, Isabelle Gosselin tells you how to buy wine from someone like her: a wine merchant. You’ll find these tips helpful the next time you are in France and need to buy a wine that fits both your budget and the dish you are going to eat!

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