Mimi, a member of the French Resistance movement during World War II

Soon after the German invasion of France, a teacher who was newly appointed to Domène (a small town near Grenoble) visited City Hall to introduce himself to the Mayor.

There, in City Hall, he met the mayor’s charming secretary, Anne-Marie (Mimi for short). The new teacher in town had good reason to strike up a friendship with Mimi, because he was looking for a contact who could produce false identity papers for a newly-formed resistance network.
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Booking a vacation rental in the country – Louer un gîte rural en France

In this interview, Véronique Lopez interviews Chantal and Michel. They are from Normandie, but they have rented a “gîte rural” in Provence. Listening to this interview will help you learn how vacation rentals work in France.

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Medical Simulation Training – Dr. Granry

Antoine Humeau interviews Professeur Jean-Claude GRANRY, chief of anesthesia and emergency medicine of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire d’Angers. Dr. Granry tells us about the state of the art of simulation training for medical personnel in France. Dr. Granry’s French title : Chef de pôle du Pôle anesthésie-réanimation-médecine d’urgence-santé-société. Professeur des Universités – Praticien hospitalier.”

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Une Fleuriste à Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

While dining with friends, Émilie and her husband, who were working in “la grande distribution,” asked what business was needed in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. The friends said “florist” and the rest is history.

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Frédérike Unger : danseuse professionnelle

Frédérike spoke with us about her career as a dancer. We hear about the disappointment of not being chosen for the Paris Opera at 11 years of age and about her success with a different troupe at the age of 17, when her parents agreed with her decision to drop out of high school and travel as a professional dancer. Finally, we understand that there is more than one path to a career in dance.
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