Le Palais Idéal du Facteur Ferdinand Cheval

Ferdinand Cheval was born in 1836 and became a postman in Hauterives, a town in the Drome region of France. In 1879, while walking his delivery route, he stumbled upon a beautiful stone that started the wheels turning in his head. He spent the rest of his life building an “Ideal Palace” out of rocks collected from his postal route.

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M. Halloumi, Epicier à Paris

Tunisian grocers are well-known in Paris for being open late into the evening and for lending a friendly ear to those in need. Our reporter wanted to interview Mister Halloumi because Mister Hallomi and his store make our reporter’s neighborhood a better place to live.

After listening to this interview, you are going to want to find this nice gentleman and go shop in his store! I hope you enjoy the recording.

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Une Maison de Retraite pour les Légionnaires

In this interview, Major Hensinger talks about a retirement home for members of the French Foreign Legion.

We recorded this back in 2002 for Fluent French Audio.

A warning about this interview – you will find it very challenging. On the other hand, if you work through it carefully, you’ll learn new ‘shortened’ versions for many words. For instance, there is a ‘mais avec‘ that sounds like ‘maec‘. Challenging, but that’s what you are here for, correct?

What I like about this interview is that the delivery reminds me of the French military people I know in my wife’s family: polite, but matter-of-fact. When my wife describes this style of speech, she uses an expression she picked up while living in the US: “no BS.”

I hope you enjoy it! – David Tolman.

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