Bêtises d’Enfance – Jean-Michel et Monique

Une bêtise : a mistake, a blunder, a gaffe, a misstep.
Mistakes, tricks, goof-ups, practical jokes; they enrich our lives and give us stories to tell around the dinner table. Stories from Jean-Michel and Monique.

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Track 1

Track 2
Jean-Michel’s first daughter was an angel. You could leave her alone for an hour without worrying. But his youngest daughter is another story. He has made many trips to the emergency room because of her.

Track 3
Stuffing paper behind the radiator and the trick of pulling the drawer out of the cabinet with a very long string in order to scare one’s parents.

Track 4
Hanging spoons in the tree to train snails and throwing the tiny screw that secures the handle on the door to daddy’s office into jar of dried flowers full of nettles.

Track 5
Painting tree trunks with a special mud mixture.

Track 6
Improving the goldfish by removing his scales and forgetting to put him back into the goldfish bowl.

Track 7
Monique was angry with her Mother, so she walks around in the mud in Mother’s high-heeled shoes and puts them back in the closet muddy.

Track 8
Monique’s sister was washing Daddy’s car. She wondered what would happen if she put the hose up the exhaust pipe…

Track 9
As a child, Monique was quite the know-it-all. In addition, she dreamed of becoming a nurse. So when her sister broke her arm, Monique was sure of what to do…

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  • Slowed-down 25%

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