Hearing ‘ils tenaient le coup” in Taxi Tandem Track 3

A challenging bit in Track 3 was ils tenaient le coup.

Here is Ça va ? Les mollets…

Here is Ça va ? Les mollets, ils…

Listening point : comparing the above two sounds will help you recognize ils. Do you agree that, in the first sound, you hear a pure é sound at the end of mollets? That is because the sound is cut off before the speaker starts to bend the end of the word to indicate ils. In the second sound, you hear the ils.

Here, below, is, Ça va ? Les mollets ils ten…  You can hopefully hear a T sound and and N sound. (Note: it will be hard to hear the difference between this sound and the next.)

Here is, Ça va ? Les mollets, il tenaient… Notice how the ai is the stressed part of the word. You can hear it much better than the T and the N.

Here is, Ça va ? Les mollets, il tenaient le…

Here is, Ça va ? Les mollets, il tenaient le coup ?

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