11 thoughts on “8-second “Hear every word” exercise Laurence6c”

  1. I have no problem understanding “éleveur” but even after repeated tries, I still can’t hear the “est” between ce qui and quand. But I will keep trying!

  2. This is a great exercise. Before looking at the answer I could not hear or understand éleveur or ce qui est.
    Knowing what was said and listening several more times I finally heard it!
    Merci beaucoup. Ready to try the next!!

    1. Hello Carolyn, that’s the spirit! Thank you for letting me know that you finally heard it.
      Best regards,

    2. Yes, I could not understand eleveur due to the “L ” is not well clear and due to my lack of vocabulary. At first I could not catch what the speaker said between the word “New York” to “Fabuleux”. But seeing the answer and repeat listening, I was able to catch the between words clearly.

      Thanks David!


  3. Oui très bonne idée ! I’ve been told by someone smart that dictation is a super valuable yet sorely underutilized tool for language acquisition…

  4. That was hard for me. In the first part I got all but éleveur which is a word I didn’t know and in the second part I only understood fabuleux.

  5. What threw me off right away was the j’y instead of j’ai and then the speaker seems to be saying “anniveur” and not “eleveur”. Once you get off to that kind of start, no wonder one is out at sea ” with native speakers. This lady seems to have problems with her vowels although she would never admit it–I have hard some native French speakers to deny that French is anything but purely phonetic–or maybe my own hearing is seriously flawed. Reminds me of that recent “yanni” vs “laurel” controversy.

    1. Hi Eric,
      I remember the yanni vs laurel thing! I remember being surprised. As far as J’ai vs J’y, those are super-close, I agree. I will keep an eye out for other clips that have a j’ai or a j’y and put them on the site. As far as anniveur vs un éleveur, here is a video to help with the difference : https://youtu.be/a2YthBBrfPw

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