2 thoughts on “8-second “Hear 80%” exercise Laurence6a”

  1. I like these short passages. For some I had to watch the transcript while listening-several times- to catch all the words. Thank you, as always.

    1. Hello Marilyn,
      Thank you for letting me know that these are helpful. I will continue to produce more. As far has having to watch the transcript, you are doing it correctly. Here are my thoughts on the subject: in the step where you listen without looking, you don’t actually learn anything. Instead, you are just taking a measure of your current level. The bulk of the learning occurs in the next step, where you already know what is being said and try to listen for those words in the sound. So, you’ll improve your comprehension by adding to the library of sound patterns that your brain instantly recognizes. When you listen without a transcript, you aren’t adding to that mental store. When you know what to listen for and you listen until hear it, then you can say to yourself, “Ah! now I hear it. Now that I recognize that sound pattern, I’ll probably recognize it next time I hear it.”

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