8-second French : Rémy est papa 3-3

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5 thoughts on “8-second French : Rémy est papa 3-3”

  1. I don’t think he says the “que” in “n’arrivait que dans six mois” , I’ve listened about 30 times and I never hear “que”

    1. Hi Sandeep, I just listened again and I “hear” it, however, do I really hear it or is my ear just filling it in? There is definitely something there. He does not say l’enfant n’arrivait dans six mois. Instead, he says something slightly different and that may be why I hear the que. I’ll make a video and break the sound down very carefully and see if I can help you hear it. Thank you for the message!
      Talk to you soon,

    2. Is it a little like the Polish word for their town Gdansk, i.e. more like a g than a que sound?

      1. Hi Rosena,
        that is a good question. Perhaps it’s more of a g sound than a k sound. I would suppose that he is pronouncing more of a k sound unless he is really careless. In any case, I think you hear it and now have a better chance of hearing this “version of que” in a conversation?
        Best regards,

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