8-second French: hearing the French version of “at the same time”

Listening tips:
Christophe Bonin has just explained that Ferdinand Cheval did not cheat his employer by working on his “Ideal Palace” during working hours. Anne-Sophie sums things up by asking if we can say that he was a good civil servant.

Oui, on peut dire… : Do you hear the on? Mister Bonin says oui and then bends the vowel to move into the on sound.

on peut dire que c’est un… : I would expect that you do not actually hear the que. Neither do I: if I focus only on the que and try to hear it, I don’t. However, I do hear dire que c’est un. I can’t explain why I cannot hear the que individually but do hear it in the sentence, other than by saying that I probably hear those words as a group. My ear is used to that sequence of sounds and to the que almost disappearing, depending upon the words that are nearby.

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