3 thoughts on “8-second “Hear every word” exercise: l’apéritif 4-1”

  1. Hi David,

    Thank you. I enjoy these 8 second Listening challenges!

    This one has two problems for me.
    I can’t hear “que vous” between longtemps and prenez.
    Later on, I can’t hear the d sound of donc after vingt sept ans,

    1. Hello Diane,
      Thank you for asking. I created a video for you that you can see by clicking the “Show Answer” button and looking under the text.

      1. Hi David,
        The video is helpful. Thank you!
        Now I can hear the vous, and will have faith that the que is also there.
        I agree that the hard c sound of donc is the tip off to the word, but still don’t hear a d sound. Oh well.

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