7 thoughts on “8-second French : la Bataille de l’Atlantique 3-1”

  1. I would pronounce it “beaucoupd” dégâts, the vowel sound continuing until it hits the “de” then “dégâts”. Something I’ve learned that helps me pronounce correctly. I heard it after a couple tries, knowing what to listen for. Thank you David!

  2. It took about 4-5 listens for me to hear the “de”. I don’t pick it up as a separate word, but almost as part of the previous. My brain hears “beaucoude dégâts”. I can usually pick up these almost invisible “de”s, but the following word starting with a “d” somehow makes it trickier.

    1. Thank you for letting me know Jeuri. Yes, there is a bit of a D sound at the end of beaucoup. I’ll do a lesson soon that will probably confirm what you have already noticed.

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