8-second French listening exercise: 2CV track 9-1

Longer French listening exercises

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The three types of listening
Learn to hear a "vowel bend."
Hearing, "c'est pour ça que j'ai dit" in spoken French
How to say "soeur" in French
Improve your accent with the 'Speak Better' exercises
Using the loop tool on your phone
Do you hear the "e"
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6 thoughts on “8-second French listening exercise: 2CV track 9-1”

  1. Thank you – That was a challenging one. I didn’t know berlin was what we could call a “sedan”

    1. Hi Robert,
      You may be hinting that you are surprised to hear a Porsche being called a berline/sedan? I was, too, but did not research it at the time. I thought that berline (sedan in English) was necessarily a 4-door. Interesting tidbit: if you visit chateaux in France that happen to have collections of horse-drawn carriages, you will find some of the same names that the French use for different types of cars today (sedan, berline, limousine, etc.) But, I haven’t done any research.
      Best regards,

  2. I can’t hear the first syllable of “petites” in the phrase “petites berlines.” I hear only the second syllable – just “tites.”

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