6 thoughts on “8-second “Hear 80%” exercise: 2CV track 9-1”

  1. Thank you – That was a challenging one. I didn’t know berlin was what we could call a “sedan”

    1. Hi Robert,
      You may be hinting that you are surprised to hear a Porsche being called a berline/sedan? I was, too, but did not research it at the time. I thought that berline (sedan in English) was necessarily a 4-door. Interesting tidbit: if you visit chateaux in France that happen to have collections of horse-drawn carriages, you will find some of the same names that the French use for different types of cars today (sedan, berline, limousine, etc.) But, I haven’t done any research.
      Best regards,

  2. I can’t hear the first syllable of “petites” in the phrase “petites berlines.” I hear only the second syllable – just “tites.”

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