2 minutes of French listening: réaliser, irréalisable

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Hello All,
To help you with your listening habit: 2 minutes of listening today – play this sound 6 times.

It doesn’t matter if you hear one word or all of them. All that matters is that you learn to recognize one or two new words today.

For today’s listening tips, scroll down – they are under the transcript.

translation of recording

Listening tips:

Notice the related words at the bottom of the text: réaliser and irréalisable.

  • 2nd French line: do you hear the Toulouse accent on the word aérien? Sounds like aérienG. You hear a sort of a G sound.
  • 3rd line of French: you hear the T pronounced in s’est imaginé. Sounds like setimaginé.
  • 6th line of French: you don’t hear ce projet but rather s’projet.
  • Last line of French: instead of il ne me reste, you hear il me reste. (That is why the [ne] is in brackets.)
  • Last line of French you don’t hear à le réaliser but rather alréaliser. Agree?

For members: link to the full interview: Saint Exupéry and l’Aéropostale

Best regards,
David Tolman

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