2 minutes of French listening: après la mort de Gauguin…

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Hello All,
To help you with your listening habit: 2 minutes of listening today – play this sound 8 times.

It doesn’t matter if you hear one word or all of them. All that matters is that you learn to recognize one or two new words today.

text for recording

Listening Suggestion: concentrate on il y a (first line) and ils ont (last line)

Other listening tips:

  • il y a: often sounds like “eeya” or just “ya”
  • try to hear the “une” right after il y a. Do you hear it?
  • ils ont : notice the Z sound. Sounds like eezownt (with the on sounding almost like the English word ‘own’)
  • when she says Picasso, do you hear how she drags out the o? This is the French speaker’s auditory signal that she is starting a list of similar items.
  • ont un choc : notice that the o is a long nasal o. This should not rhyme with the english word ‘font.’

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