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Hello All,

To help you with your listening habit: 2 minutes of listening today – play this sound 8 times.

It doesn’t matter if you hear one word or all of them. All that matters is that you learn to recognize one or two new words today.

For those of you who have a few more minutes today, go to our…

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My advice for (busy) adults just getting started with listening

  • If fluency were a 3-month sprint, I’d talk to you about getting serious and grinding through verb conjugation exercises. But fluency is not a 3-month sprint. Instead, it’s an 18- to 24-month endeavor, like training to run your first marathon.
  • So: every day should be an easy day. Don’t burn yourself out doing things that are not fun, such as memorizing verb forms.
  • Download interviews from the member’s area into your phone and listen when you can during the day.
  • For the words you cannot catch, come back to the member’s area and use the tools:
    • look at the transcript/translation (It’s not cheating! :-))
    • play the slowed-down version of the sound
    • use the loop feature of the player to repeat short snippets that are hard to catch
    • listen and repeat the slow-echoing versions for interviews that have those versions available
  • Listen when you can during the day until you hear 80% of the words
  • Each time you listen, you’ll catch new words you didn’t hear on previous listens.
  • Give yourself 2 to 4 weeks per interview, listening during your daily walk or while doing housework
  • When you can catch 80% of the words, the choice is up to you: keep listening to get over 80%… or move on to a new interview!

Thanks to all of you who have joined! Having your support helps me finance new interviews and improvements to the site. For those of you considering full access, please click here for details on what you get.

Best regards,
David Tolman

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