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About this site: I’m David Tolman. I’m an American who married a French girl I met while studying in France back in college. I have lived in Brittany since 2003; and this site is my gift to you! I run it in my free time. I’ve been producing these types of resources since 2001, when I started Fluent French Audio magazine. Back in 2008, I shut the magazine down and went back to working in SAP accounting. But I’m still producing these recordings because…

  • you find them useful (I love your emails)
  • and I find them useful
  • but no one else is producing such materials!!!

And how am I going to learn German and Italian without great listening materials?

So, it’s up to me to continue managing this site and increasing the number of recordings available to all of us.

Now, here is the deal about the email newsletter…

Having you join the email newsletter helps me understand who is visiting and listening, so I know what types of free exercises to create. If you decide to become a paying member (in order to get the full interviews and to be able to download them and print the pdfs,) that revenue helps me continue to pay foreign journalists to record new interviews for this community.

Best regards, David Tolman.

PS: And remember, you’ll have more fun abroad if you can understand the natives 🙂