French Listening Fluency – become a fluent listener

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“Absolutely terrific experience, this short course! Thanks so much for making it free for all us skinflints! I’ll continue to use this technique every day…”

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Taxi-Tandem Track 3

Apéritif Exercise 3 (Track 3)

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Medical simulation training in Angers, France

Antoine Humeau interviews Professeur Jean-Claude GRANRY, chief of anesthesia and emergency medicine of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire d’Angers. Dr. Granry tells us about the state of the art of simulation training for medical personnel in France. Dr. Granry’s French title : Chef de pôle du Pôle anesthésie-réanimation-médecine d’urgence-santé-société. Professeur des Universités – Praticien hospitalier.”

The Apertif in France

If ever you are invited to a French person’s home for a meal, you will have an apéritif before eating. In this interview, Martin Venzal ask Alexis, Marie, and Laurent about this important social custom. You’ll learn why it exists and how to serve yourself, how to know when the aperitif is over and you are about to move to the table for your meal….

Tanguy washes the car

Tanguy tells our interviewer what happened when he wanted to surprise his parents by washing the family car. Original interview : 2 minutes and 14 seconds. With slow-rereading to help you practice your French oral gymnastics!

Taxi-Tandem in Paris (You pedal on a bicycle-taxi built for two!)

Our reporter interviews Marie-Noëlle and Stéphane Bouriez about a taxi service that picks you up on a tandem bicycle. Note: this interview is from 2003 and the service has since shut down. Positive points about the listening fluency exercises: lots of user comments and extra lessons by Dave to help you hear different hard-to-hear words.